Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5 Ways to Get Eyeballs to your Site Now

Audience, where are you?

You've built the most awesome website ever. You finally perfected the design, the links, the structure; you put it out there on the Internet.
Then you wait.
And possibly, wait and wait.
You need to get people to look at your site -- but how?
I feel your pain. My blog here is a complete restart of the past 6 years of blogging. I started cold, and haven't alerted anyone to its presence. I need the right eyes to see it. 
There are a lot of ways to get them. Then when you get them, you'll still need links....maybe we will save that part for later though. 
Here are some ways to be sure you get eyeballs:


Make sure you have headers, lists, and bullet points whenever you can. The search engines love this (and they're the ones who are ultimately responsible for getting those eyeballs for you). 
Fix your grammar. It is true that the normal writing tools don't contain great grammar checkers. If  you write directly into Wordpress, use this plugin  and check all the boxes under the Proofreading section. That will check both grammar and spelling.
Dumb it down. Have you heard of the Flesch-Kincaid readability score? It tells how difficult your content is to read. If you are overdoing it, meaning your post sounds like a PhD candidate's paper, simplify your writing. If they can't understand what you write, they certainly aren't going to hang around. You can paste some content in here  and it will return the score. Update: Dude, I just pasted this one in. It returned an 82.2 -- that's too LOW! Like every test you ever took, you want to  score high on this test. You want to write to the 10-11 age range, so get 90 or above.


Focus on the right platform. Your followers may be on Facebook while you're concentrating on Blogger. Or vice versa. Or all your peeps are on Twitter. Figure out where your followers live and take your content there.
Be personal whenever possible. By that I mean interact with the minions. Respond to comments; like their posts on your Facebook account; offer a solution when it makes sense. Be their friend. It's a way of building your future.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Creating Niche Market Websites

When performing search engine optimization, I often deduce that people have selected their niche site by using their heart and not their head so much. If you are building a site just for fun that is okay with me but if you are spending the money to pay someone to do SEO then the niche site needs to offer at least some money.

Instead of choosing a product and developing a site around it, I suggest that site owners study the market first. Choose the niche area, then tailor the product to match. In this manner, someone can discover ignored niches or even carve out a nice niche market for himself.

The People You’ll Meet

To study a market, begin with the sort of people you’ll be in contact with. Believe it or not, you really do have a lot of contact with people who view your website and buy your products. Even if you feel like you are going to be behind the computer that is not really the case. You might be communicating from email but it is still communication. So consider the type of people you like to interact with.

Find their Concerns

Once you have determined what people you want to serve, start looking in forums and blogs to find things that are their concerns or “problems.” See those are the things you are going to solve for them – eh, Superman? So you need to see what they worry about. For young parents it might be diapers or sleep through the night. For older families it could be aging parents or hair loss or some illness.
You are going to take this problem and solve it or fix it. Not exploit it so do not feel guilty. After you sort out some problems, between 1 to 10, go to a search engine and do research on how many searches are performed monthly. Also take a look at what sort of solutions are already offered.

Data Analysis

By now you should have a good notion of what the people are looking for and what they want out of a product. They may have used some products that were not suitable. You can look at product reviews to see this. Start writing down your findings.
Next, you want to look at the products already on the market. Start with the top websites in the niche area. What are they selling? What did they sell in the past (use Way Back Machine). What are they offering and how they communicate with buyers? 

Start Creating

Once you know the answers to all these questions it’s the fun part: Create your product and website! Get those ideas all together and start putting together a package that works for you. You will be selling it, so you’ll be involved with it, for a long time. So be sure it is something you truly enjoy working with. This is the best way to create a product to sell on the Internet. 

Next time we’ll talk about making a site or blog to go with your product.